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4 Fantastically Festive Facts About A Christmas Carol

The holidays are coming!

Ever since Charles Dickens released his famous novella in 1843, A Christmas Carol and its many variations have been a holiday favorite for people around the world! But how much do you know about the origin of the festive tale? Find out more about the original book with our 4 Fantastically Festive Facts!

1. Dickens wanted to change the world

When Charles Dickens read the 1843 Government report on Child Labor in Victorian England he was appalled at the working conditions that children and their families were subjected to. So incensed by the unfairness of it all Dickens decided to write a pamphlet called "An Appeal to the People of England on behalf of the Poor Man's Child". However, Dickens feared that the general public may ignore him and his pamphlet, so he struck upon the idea of writing a short novella, with a fantastic Christmas twist to entice the Great British public to take notice! 

2. Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in six weeks

Yes, that's right! Charles Dickens started writing A Christmas Carol in October and it was completed on December 2, 1843! However, his publishers were not too keen on his idea and did little to publicize the new work. But, good news for Dickens, and us, they would soon come to regret that decision...

3. A Christmas Carol was an instant hit

Published on December 19, 1843, by a different publishing house, A Christmas Carol flew off the shelves with the book-reading population not being able to contain their excitement! A Christmas Carol was so popular that Victorians marked it as a "new gospel".

4. Dickens was inspired by his own family

Some of the book's most important characters were inspired by Charles Dickens' own family. Scrooge's difficult relationship with his father could be a depiction of Dickens' own paternal relationship, as his father was sent to debtor's prison whilst Dickens was just a child, forcing a young Charles out to work in order to support his family. 

The character of Tiny Tim was inspired by Dickens' own disabled nephew, Harry. Unfortunately, unlike Tiny Tim, Harry didn't manage to survive, although Dickens employed countless doctors to help him. 

What is A Christmas Carol About?

Ebenezer Scrooge doesn't see the point of letting his employees have a day off for Christmas, not even kind Bob Cratchit, whose son Tiny Tim is very sick. Eventually, he is convinced and retires to his room to pass Christmas Eve as he usually does, alone. But this Christmas is different. He has a visitor for a change, the wretched soul of his former business partner Jacob Marley. Doomed to wander the earth for eternity for his sins in life, Marley warns Scrooge of 3 impending visitations.

In a flurry of fear, he meets the gentle Ghost of Christmas Past, the jolly Ghost of Christmas Present and the terrifying Ghost of Christmas to Come, all of whom want to teach him a lesson...

Cities across North America will be awash with productions of A Christmas Carol this festive time! Treat yourself and your family to A Christmas Carol this holiday and have a very...